Friday, January 4, 2008

Sad day for all of motorsport

Well, it was bound to happen -- those worthless scumbag Middle Eastern terrorists Al Qaeda have gone and fucked up a major autosport race.

As if it wasn't bad enough that we here in the States can't get through airport security in less than an hour's time, stop worrying that our warhawk government entities are busy spying on us with no checks and balances (while carrying out a completely senseless war in Iraq, mind you), or cross the border into Canada without our passports anymore (doesn't sound like a big deal, but for those who travel to Canada regularly, it is a dramatic shift), but now the whole damn badass Dakar Rally has been scrapped due to concerns over potential terrorist attacks.

I know, I know, having a race cancelled pales in comparison to the horrors being experienced by those people caught up in the ongoing Iraq and Afghanistan wars, or killed in the 9/11 or London bombing attacks themselves, among many others, but to me it's just sad that this (relatively) small group of extremist individuals is having such a dramatic impact on all of our lives.


You can't blame the race organizers however, what with a lot of trouble brewing in the area, including the recent random killings of an innocent French family on holiday in Mauritania, which was scheduled to host multiple legs of the race.

If I was a competitor I might not welcome the idea of fleeing armed vigilantes in one of those massive Dakar support trucks, or even on a motorbike. Of course, if you mounted some massive fucking cannons on said trucks that might make for some interesting interplay, and a whole new level of inter-squad competition!

I've actually wondered for years how no one has managed to find their way onto a landmine at this event, considering the area it travels through.

So, 30 years of amazing racing tradition goes down the drain simply because these sad sack fuckers want to prove to the world that they are somebody, and that we should care about their Jihad, Israel and all their other fn bullshit.

This, and above complaints on life in the States post 9/11, really make me think that the terrorist types are winning the battle sometimes with their (relatively) pathetic little attacks. We as a free world cannot let the actions of a few intimidate us all and force us to change our lives. Then we all lose.

Sorry for the first 2008 post on this blog to be such a downer, and not even related to F1. There is so much great stuff to talk about looking ahead to F1 '08, I can't wait for the season to start already.

But maybe in the meantime some of our friendly Middle Eastern counterparts in Bahrain could go track down these Al Qaeda asshats and put them out of their misery for the rest of us.

Unfortunately, I won't be holding my breath for that to happen.

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